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Intelligent Design

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

IF our world is an intelligent design, we are probably also designed in such a way that we cannot notice the design itself. That is, assuming that the designer did not want us to notice that the world has been designed. Our senses would not pick up the information that you would need to notice the design.

A metaphor to illustrate: When looking at my hedge, I do not see anything noticeable. When looking at my hedge that has been 3d modeled on a computer, I do not see anything noticeable either. If it has been modeled properly anyway. So how do you go about 3d modeling a hedge?

You would probably make about 5 to 10 leaves differing in size, color and texture, spread them randomly and give them a random rotation. You would not be able to see that they are the exact same leaves every time, but they are. A clear indication that someone designed it: That is not what a hedge looks like in the real world.

You would be able to notice though if you took a closer look. Maybe even made a sientific study of Hedera Helix (in my case the plant that makes up the hedge). I checked, but in my hedge every leaf is slightly different from the other…

But are they? All leaves are clearly leaves of Hedera Helix, made up according to the same structure, with the same molecules. And apparently the stuff inside molecules is also very structured. But that is also what it looks like in the real world right?

Structure is not proof of intelligent design, it can be emergent. Simplifications of the real world are proof of intelligent design, just like the 3d model of the hedge. We are like the characters in a computer game and we cannot perceive the real world. IF it exists somewhere out there.

I’m off to help my wife trim the hedge. This Hedera just doesn’t stop growing.