Warning: I have a typical heelflip. Most people hang their toes off the edge, but that does not work for me. On the other hand, Neen Williams has a similar stance and he has the sickest heelflips in the game.

  • front foot position: Behind the front bolts, about 1 or 2 cm from the edge with your big toe. Foot is slanted forwards.
  • back foot position: Slightly left on the tail on the ball of your foot. This does not matter a lot. As long as you can pop the nose straight up. I have done them with the point of my foot forward or with my heel turned inward (like on the image). Your heel inward helps you to jump forward.
  • shoulder position: Diagonal to your direction with your chest forward. When they do not flip, turn your chest more towards the nose. In that case also look at the nose.
  • movement of the arms: Before you and swing outwards and up for balans and lift. Swing your left arm more out when the board does not flip enough. This makes you lean forward and makes you kick your heel more into your board.
  • back foot movement: Pop a high ollie. Make sure to pop the nose straight up.
  • front foot movement: Go for the nose. Slide up far onto the nose as when doing a big ollie and kick your heel against the right part of it. Aim with your heel for the side of the nose, just where the concave starts. It feels a bit as if you lose contact with the board for a short while and then kick the heel full in the nose (of your board ;-). Stay close to the board, pull up your legs. When they flip too far, kick more forward instead of to the side.
  • catch: With the back foot. Point forward with the sole of your back foot for a steezy catch. Try to catch it slightly to the right, so you can see it better. Land bolts or you are going to mess up your back ankle.
  • focus: Pop the nose straight up. First lift your front foot and then kick it into the nose full force. Jump forward, leaning too much backwards is a common problem. Aim with your heel for the right part of the nose. Lean slightly to the left. This makes it easier to extend your front leg into the nose.
  • look: To the magic spot on the right side of the nose, where you are going to kick it with your left heel.
  • where does it hurt: Roll your back ankle when you land on the edge of your tail. Land bolts!

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