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Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Never heard anyone about this, but it seems to me that we have moved back to client-server architectures in the case of mobile devices. Or at least to thick clients instead of thin clients like web sites. Where there are web sites to do all sorts of things on a laptop you often need to download an app for a mobile device. And often you have to pay a small amount. So what used to be a free web site on a laptop is now frequently a payed application on an iPhone… Good business model though.

What about java and developing platform independent applications with thin clients? Is it really impossible to run all those apps as a web site in a browser? And what about the code in those apps? What does it do that I don’t know of with my data? And suddenly it is no problem anymore that you have to develop a different version of an app for every type of mobile operating system? You need money for that and it seems to be coming from people paying for apps.

**searching Google**

Seems that Taptu agrees with me.

See here for pro’s and cons for web site vs. apps.