• front foot position:  Just below the front bolts. Before I used to have my foot just against the bolts.
  • back foot position: Across the tail with your toes just hanging over the edge. If it does not work try to slant your foot more. Ball of your foot about 2cm behind the concave.
  • shoulder position: Parallel to the board. When you turn your chest too much forward you may land too much on the back of the board and slip out.
  • movement of the arms: Before you and swing out and up, left arm swings a bit more out towards the nose too keep the balance. In the beginning it may help to stretch your arms in front of you to stay over the board.
  • back foot movement: Kick down and to the left with the ball of the foot. Try to scrape as much wood off your tail by pushing it sideways over the ground. When you feel the board toppling over your foot, move your foot up and backwards. This is a continuous motion. Your foot makes a vertical circle or slightly slanted circle. Set it off with a digging motion from your ankle. It may help to make it a ‘sneaky’ motion where you stay low at first. Lift your knee to your chest. When the board hits your shin, kick more towards the left. When the board lands behind you, move your leg further forward. When the board lands in front of you move your leg further backward.
  • front foot movement: Get it out of the way. It feels as if you step forward (to the right of the board). Keep it away from the tail when that comes up. Because you want to get it out of the way you are inclined to move it to the left. This will make you land on the back of the board and slip out. The board will already be turned soon enough for you to move your foot up and forward to the right. Sticking your fists out in front of you may help.
  • catch: Front foot.
  • focus: When they do not rotate, just kick down and to the left really hard. The feeling of the ball of your back foot on the tail and how it moves away under your foot. Scrape your tail over the ground as if you love razor tails! Moment that the board topples over your back foot.
  • look: To the right of the front bolts.
  • where does it hurt: Board against your right shin. Slip out and fall backwards, on your butt or on your wrists.

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