Skate grammar

I have skated from about 1990 -1994, when tricks where still in black and white instead of color 🙂 After not skating for 19 years I picked it up again since Oktober 2013 (I know, I messed up…). Currently I have a more analytical view on tricks and have been working on them using a specific grammar. You can read on this site which ones I have dissected so far.

In this folder are descriptions of my favourite tricks according to the grammar I mentioned. I describe all the degrees of freedom that I can think of when doing a skateboard trick and what its values are for the particular trick. I would not be surprised if you could teach a robot to do it with this information. Tricks are described for a regular skater. If you are goofy, try reading the grammar backwards.

Unfortunately and despite my rapid progression in learning tricks, I do not yet have a private filmer 😉 But if you want to see moving footage of the tricks, YouTube will be very willing to provide it to you. I did manage to take pictures of my foot positioning, so that should help a lot already, though it often differs slightly from person to person. Otherwise, a “do or die trying” mentality will eventually give you all these tricks.

The grammar is yours to use! I would appreciate it if you can give me some feedback and let me know whether you landed the trick or have anything to add to the grammar of it!

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