180 no comply
Backside 180 ollie
Backside 180 kickflip
Backside 360 shovit
Backside bigspin
Backside nose shovit
Backside pop shovit
Backside shovit
Backside shovit revert
Double kickflip
Fakie bigspin
Fakie frontside 360 ollie
Fakie heelflip
Fakie kickflip
Fakie ollie
Fake tre flip
Frontside bigspin
Frontside 180 ollie
Frontside nose shovit
Frontside pop shovit
Halfcab kickflip
Nollie back foot impossible
Nollie bigspin
Nollie kickflip
Nollie heelflip
Nose manual
Ollie grab
Pressure flip
Pressure heelflip
Strawberry milkshake
Switch backside 180 ollie
Switch backside nose shovit
Switch backside pop shovit
Switch backside shovit
Switch backside shovit revert
Switch front foot impossible
Switch frontside 180 ollie
Switch frontside 180 kickflip
Switch frontside nose shovit
Switch frontside pop shovit
Switch hardflip
Switch heelflip
Switch impossible
Switch kickflip
Switch ollie
Switch pressure flip
Switch strawberry milkshake
Switch tre flip
Switch varial heel
Tre flip
Varial flip
Varial heel
5050 grind
5 0 grind
Backside boardslide
Backside nose slide
Frontside boardslide
Frontside nose grind
Frontside nose slide
Frontside tail slide
180 nose pivot
Backside 5050
Backside 5050 (turn in on front truck)
Backside bigspin to fakie
Backside boardslide
Drop in
Frontside 5 0
Kickflip to fakie
Ollie to fakie
Rock to fakie
Tail stall
Flatground, alleen op tapijt:
Airwalk no comply
Double nollie flip
Front foot impossible
Inward heelflip
Ollie nose grab
Switch 360 backside shovit
Switch airwalk no comply
Switch backside bigspin
Switch dolphin flip
Switch frontside bigspin
Switch ollie nose grab
Switch pressure heelflip
Switch varial flip

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