• front foot position: In the kickflip position, though it differs a bit for everyone 🙂 Behind or just on the lower front bolts with the ball of the foot. Foot slanted on the board. For a faster flick place the foot more backwards.
  • back foot position: On the tail a little to the right. Heel pointing to the left or slightly forward. This makes you jump forward and gives a better flick with the front foot.
  • shoulder position: Parallel to the board. When the board does not flip enough you can turn your chest more towards the nose.
  • movement of the arms: In front of you and swing out and up. Reach forward with your left hand when you keep landing behind the board, the board does not flip enough or when you are doing rocket flips.
  • back foot movement: Pop like an ollie, down and backwards. Lean forwards and kick backwards as for a fakie ollie to keep the board more under you. It will also flip better then. Imagine there is a diagonal line on your board from the ball of your front foot to the ball of your back foot and kick along it.
  • front foot movement: Flick the point of your foot off the diagonal line. Spread your legs. As you are doing the ollie slide the point of your foot along the diagonal line. When you feel the pressure of the board under your foot flick hard with your ankle. The point of your foot comes forward and upward. Do not hold back, because it can become a hospital flip with possibly a sacker. Do not be afraid the board will flip too hard. Maybe you get lucky and land a double kickflip! Kick your bord horizontal and be above it. Kick more towards the left to flip the board faster. Dive after your front foot. Start sliding right away.
  • catch: with the back foot. It feels great when the board slaps against your sole!
  • focus: Jump and spread over the diagonal line. Turn the back heel inwards. Lean slightly towards the left. Aim for the left side of the nose with the point of your front foot.
  • look: At the right edge of your board. This does not matter much. If you are good at them you can look at the sky as well.
  • where does it hurt: board against the inside of your front ankle, land primo and roll your ankle (back one)

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