Strawberry Milkshake


  • front foot position: At the front bolts on the left side, ready to slide off the board and step onto the ground.
  • back foot position: At the back bolts on the right side, ready to push the board on its side. Ball of the foot on the edge and heel on the tail.
  • shoulder position: Diagonal, with the chest forward.
  • movement of the arms: Nothing much. Turn slightly backside to get your shoulders parallel with the direction you are moving in.
  • back foot movement: Kick down gently with the ball of your foot on the edge of your board, to put it on its side in primo position. Make a circle forwards and close to the ground. Guide the board with your back foot. It feels a bit like the movement of an impossible. The board spins 360 degrees. Put your foot on the back bolts.
  • front foot movement: Slide off the board onto the ground and jump forward to land on the board again. In the meantime your back foot does the magic that spins the board around. Put your foot on the front bolts.
  • catch: With the back foot. In fact it never leaves the board. Control the board with your front foot and steer it straight. A bit of pivot on the back wheels is ok.
  • focus: Gently put the board in primo position (on its side) with your back foot. Do not hurry this part. Back foot in the right position.
  • look: At your back foot.
  • where does it hurt: Slip out when not landing with your shoulders parallel to the direction you are moving in. Kick your tail against the inside of your front ankle, land primo.

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