Copy files on Linux with exclude

This is what I use to make a backup copy of all my images to a temporary folder in Linux. It excludes a number of file extensions, like the ones for movies. It is executed from the folder that contains the files you want to copy.

sudo tar cvf - * --exclude *.MTS --exclude *.mpg --exclude 
*.MPG --exclude *.mp4 --exclude *.modd --exclude *.db 
--exclude *.avi --exclude *.AVI --exclude *.THM --exclude 
*.idx --exclude *.info --exclude *.mov --exclude *.MOV 
--exclude *.zip --exclude *.dat --exclude *.db  --exclude 
adirectory/* | ( cd /media/spruit/ausbstick; tar xfp -)

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2 Responses to “Copy files on Linux with exclude”

  1. spruit says:

    Hmmm, the exclude for a directory does not seem to work. Solved it for now by deleting the directory manually from the usb stick once it was copied.

  2. spruit says:

    Solved this by using this command. Excludes work again:
    tar cvpfz /home/spruit/backup_laptop_arie_U1610studio.tgz \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/.cache \
    –exclude=/var/cache \
    –exclude=/var/crash \
    –exclude=/var/lib \
    –exclude=/var/spool \
    –exclude=/var/tmp \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/.gvfs \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/.local/share/Trash \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/Afbeeldingen \
    –exclude=”/home/spruit/Backup oude laptop” \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/Downloads \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/Pictures \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/Synology \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/Videos \
    –exclude=/home/spruit/backup_laptop_arie_U1610studio.tgz \
    –exclude=/media \
    –exclude=/proc \
    –exclude=/lost+found \
    –exclude=/mnt \
    –exclude=/sys \
    /etc \
    /home \
    /usr/local \

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