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Download Rabobank transactions to GNUCash

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

As a happy user of GNUCash I like to upload my transactions to this application. Recently Rabobank has started to provide a new csv download file. Amongst other things this file now contains the IBAN instead of the BBAN. The file can be downloaded from your internet banking environment at

Unfortunately the old perl script I used for converting the downloaded file to the ofx format didn’t work anymore. I had to edit the perl script to make it work again. The script is needed because the Rabobank file needs to be converted to ofx format for GNUCash to be able to import it. It is posted below, yours to use. File extenstion has to be changed to .pl after download.

Call it like this “./ downloadedrabofile.txt > filetoimportingnucash.txt”